Chewy (CHWY), FUBO TV & Interactive Gambling (FUBO) & Fan Controlled Football

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Thoughts on Chewy (CHWY), FUBO TV & Interactive Gambling (FUBO) & Fan Controlled Football.

Chewy (CHWY), FUBO TV & Interactive Gambling (FUBO) & Fan Controlled Football


Podcast Transcript

Jeffrey: Hey this is Jeffrey with another edition of Stock Smart, the weekend edition, for the first weekend in April, I’m here with a special guest tonight, my partner Whitney Johnson, how you doing?

Whitney: Hey, thanks so much for having me, it’s great to be on the show.

Jeffrey: So what’s on your mind Whitney? Let’s talk about a stock because we are supposed to talk about stocks on this show I thought.

Whitney: Wait – Stock Watch


Whitney: Do you press the button?

Jeffrey: No, I don’t press the button

Whitney: So, Chewy, CHWY, the ticker symbol, rallies on earnings, that was after hours, it did fall a bit after earnings into the next trading day, but this is a stock if you look at the technicals the chart, it’s very interesting, it had a nice run up into February timeframe, hit all time highs, and then it took a dive, but it has a lot of room to the upside and it’s super interesting, I have a dog, I’ve never used the Chewy

Jeffrey: What’s your dog’s name

Whitney: My dog is an amazingly… adorable dog named Charlie

Jeffrey: Did you take the most basic, most used name of the few years?

Whitney: No, you know what I did? I told my kids that they could name the dog

Jeffrey: Really?

Whitney: Yes, and because he’s dark chocolate, they named him Charlie, like Charlie and the chocolate factory

Jeffrey: I know your son Zack and he made fun of that name.

Whitney: Yeah he probably did

Jeffrey: He said every dog’s name is Charlie. So I don’t think he picked that.

Whitney: No, I think Lexie maybe actually picked it

Jeffrey: Really, she picked Charlie.

Whitney: I think so. Regardless, I’m feeling like a bad dog mom because

Jeffrey: you don’t have Chewy?

Whitney: I don’t have Chewy and aside from looking at the company and the technicals and the fundamentals

Jeffrey: Do you know the Chewy guy is involved in Gamestop right? So the Chewy CEO is also involved in Gamestop, for whatever reason that stock still trades around 200 which makes no sense to anybody. But Chewy, the stock is down about 9% this year

Whitney: Right, but sales are up 51%

Jeffrey: They are, but that’s reporting as of last year. Those numbers probably trailed into whenever their quarter ended, probably December 31st. So here’s my question about Chewy, do you think that this maintains? So I noticed this, and I wanted to get a dog believe it or not?

Whitney: What? You?

Jeffrey:  So I looked for a dog during Covid, and all I could get was my brothers.

Whitney:  Well the good thing about having a visitor is that they go away

Jeffrey:  They do, and dogs stay forever. When you have a dog you’re pretty much home all the time. If you travel, you need to get a place for you dog. And here’s my question, if you do like dogs, and I did have a dog for many years, and then I didn’t want another one for a while, because it did break my heart when he died. His name was Juggernaut

Whitney:  And who picked that name?

Jeffrey:  I did, because he was a powerful unrelenting force and I very much, I was running my fantasy sports business and I thought it was the greatest apropos name for football. So anyway, so Juggernaut was my dog and it did make me very sad when he died. My kids all have dogs now, they have one, my son always asked me who the greatest was at any sport and he named this dog after Walter Payton and I said the Walter Payton was the greatest football player ever because I do believe he is, now deceased but.

Whitney:  Now do you think that Ty Cobb was the greatest baseball player ever?

Jeffrey:  I think he was one of the greatest hitters ever.

Whitney:  Because he had the best statistics ever.

Jeffrey:  His numbers pretty much, no one will ever repeat those numbers, it was a dead ball era, it was a different time.

Whitney:  I don’t think it really matters.

Jeffrey:  OK I agree, let’s get back into Chewy really quickly. Here’s what I want to know from you, because you have a dog

Whitney:  I have a dog, and if I had Chewy’s delivery service I would not cancel it out of Covid because here’s… is that what you were going to ask?

Jeffrey:  So you just assumed my question, but that’s not my question

Whitney:  Go ahead, what’s your question

Jeffrey:  Here’s my question. I just wonder, if the number of people who had dogs, we had this big boom in the dog surge, all of a sudden we had people who never had dogs who got dogs and wanted to get stuff for their dogs and they wanted treats and tricks, I don’t know what comes in the box

Whitney:  Tricks do not come in the box

Jeffrey:  Yeah they are. Like a dog plays with a rope or something, that’s a trick right?

Whitney:  a toy?

Jeffrey:  Yeah a toy, whatever, I don’t know what comes in that box. I don’t have a dog and I don’t have the Chewy service

Whitney:  Tricks are like when you teach your dog to shake or something like that, that’s what I call a trick. So Chewy does not ship tricks

Jeffrey:  So maybe they should, because that would keep the business doing and your dog could do like a 360 flip or stuff like that, that would be a reason to keep that service. Hey, look at my dog, he’s walking on water, this dog is amazing! I mean wouldn’t you keep a dog if it could do that stuff?

Whitney:  I wouldn’t only keep a dog so he could  do that stuff

Jeffrey:  but you have to admit that dog would be a little more valuable than a normal dog. That’s a dog that has some value, so anyway, if you have a dog like that, and he can do some things like that, I don’t know what comes in the box, the point is, we hit a high where there were no animals to be even seen when you went to any kind of animal cruelty site, they were gone. I know people who wanted to get dogs and they couldn’t get them so I wondered did we have a boom and then here’s the thing, ok

Whitney:  We have a boom but they have a lifespan they’re not just going to go away

Jeffrey:  No but this is my question, because I do believe that there is a fixed or finite amount of dogs that are available to people so I’m thinking this goes into entertainment budget and maybe people put, ok, no one can see you shaking your head on a podcast, I just wanted to tell you that, so the faces you’re making right now, no one sees them.

Whitney:  I guess that’s a good thing

Jeffrey:  I’m going to need a buzzer, no one can see what the faces are, the point is you shook your head and that’s fine. Will there be any money taken out of the budget for people when they want to do things like travel, because I think this is a big year for travel, will people take their money that they would’ve placed in travel and now maybe not do Chewy because I have a big argument on my other podcast and I was saying that I do believe that people will cut into their media budget, so media this year was Netflix and a lot of those home services, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and I think that won’t be cut, because it has so many other ancillary benefits, but I think in terms of these other services, people will cut entertainment somewhere so they can travel, and one of the areas that I made the argument was, we have a drop in homes right now, the homes that are on the market went down 10%.

Whitney:  For sure, the supply

Jeffrey:  Right, and people who are buying homes, that’s down. The reason I believe is this. We have a move in interest rates. So if you’re going to buy a million dollar house, it’s a $1000 more this year than it was last year, just the move in interest rates. And number two, people have refinanced, and their extra money now, they’re not looking for homes, they want to go on vacation. They put all their money in their homes last year because they were having parties, they were doing whatever they were doing, now they’re interested in going travelling, and I’m just wondering, entertainment money, if a dog is entertainment money.

Whitney:  No, actually it’s not. Actually dogs are now viewed as for people who don’t have children, or they’re not in the house anymore, people replaced the idea of their children with their dog

Jeffrey:  I actually think the way you want to put that, I don’t want to put words in your mouth ok.

Whitney:  Oh well thank you. But it sounds like you’re going to anyway

Jeffrey:  I think the way that would be phrased, is that dogs are part of the family

Whitney:  So succinct. Way to go.

Jeffrey:  So a dog is essentially a family member.

Whitney:  Yes

Jeffrey:  So the same way you pay for little Ty to go have his groceries or whatever he needs or his schooling or education, you would pay for Charlie to go get his Kibble and Bits and whatever else he gets and his toys from Chewy. But you’re such an advocate of the product, tomorrow are you going to go and sign up for it? Because I’m just curious, obviously you love the stock right, because one of the stocks that I advocate is FuboTV and I know you use FuboTV, did you know by the way that FuboTV is going to introduce gambling to the platform

Whitney: I did not know that, thank you for sharing.

Jeffrey:  And that is something that we can talk about more. But I believe the future for gambling is interactive.

Whitney:  Yes, did you know there’s a fan-controlled football league

Jeffrey:  Tell me about this, I can’t believe that Tom Brady is going to have some nerd in Nebraska that he should throw a 10-yard pass

Whitney:  So it’s actually exists right now, fan-controlled football, FCF league, I don’t know why the seasons, I think they’re only 6-weeks long or something like that, and they’re ongoing basis.

Jeffrey:  Maybe it’s because no one wants to watch it, honestly, here’s Joe from the tiger shop, and he’s number 12 on the fan-controlled football league, for the Houston Tornados, who wants to see that guy play? Who’s in the league? We had the arena football league, we have all these football leagues, how bad did you miss in your NFL career that you’re in the fan-controlled football league.

Whitney:  Well maybe after your 3-year career span in the NFL, maybe you can’t play in the NFL anymore, maybe you recover from an injury but you don’t recover fully, well enough to go back to the NFL, you could go to arena football, fan-controlled football

Jeffrey:  So wait, in fan-controlled football, let me ask you this

Whitney:  Actually the fans call the plays

Jeffrey:  Now, are the players mobile, or are they in wheelchairs or something? I mean if they only have a 3-year span in the NFL, what do they do,

Whitney:  Not only are they alive playing, they are alive

Jeffrey:  OK

Whitney:  They are not deceased

Jeffrey:  Well I don’t know, tell me what it’s about

Whitney:  They are not in wheelchairs

Jeffrey:  How about this. Now what if, so in NFL we play Madden a lot. I’m sure you’ve played Madden before too, do you play Madden?

Whitney:  I don’t play Madden but I do watch

Jeffrey:  You really watch people play Madden? You do not

Whitney:  Well my kids play

Jeffrey:  So here’s the funny thing, so when you’re playing Madden and you’re really annoyed at the person you’re playing, you run a lot of super shitty plays, excuse the language. So what if I just started having the guy run 30 yards back, hit your head on the goalpost, and then do a belly flop. I mean, is that a play you can run on fan-controlled football?

Whitney:  I don’t know, I’m not a fan-controller of the fan-controlled football league

Jeffrey:  This is the first time I’m hearing this, so what I’m going to do is, here’s what I want you to do, and I will pay for this okay. Are you willing now, to take this mission on?

Whitney:  I’m not going to agree to anything that I don’t know all the details on

Jeffrey:  Well, give me your attorney’s number, I’m call. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to sign up for this fan-controlled football, because I want to know how it works and I want to know what you can control. So can you tell the guy to run 30 yards backwards the wrong way then hit his head on the goal post?

Whitney:  I doubt that.

Jeffrey:  Well that’s a good play.

Whitney:  I doubt that.

Jeffrey:  Think about how well, and I know you’re a big advocate for this service by the way. It’s called Tik Tok, have you ever heard of that?

Whitney:  I love TikTok

Jeffrey: Oh my god, you do?

Whitney:  I do

Jeffrey:  How many hits would a video of a guy running the wrong way and hitting his head on a goal post get on TikTok

Whitney: That would be over a million.

Jeffrey:  And if the guy could have like OceanSpray in his hand and sing that song the dreams at the same time,

Whitney:  The Fleetwood Mac song?

Jeffrey:  Yeah and if he can do that at the same time, how about if he carries the bottle of OceanSpray, runs 30 yards the wrong way, hits his head on the goal post, then does a belly flop, how many hits

Whitney:  A lot

Jeffrey:  A lot, we’re going to sign off for now, but thanks for listening, to, and I want to thank my partner and guest today on the show, Whitney Johnson for being a part of it

Whitney:  Thank you for having me, it was a blast and so many faces

Jeffrey:  So many faces, the many faces of Whitney. And we’ll see you again next time on Stock Smart.

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